How Local Molehills Become National Mountains: Education


education (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

By Francisco Rodriguez at The Tenth Amendment Center

This article is a continuation of the series “How Local Mole Hills Become National Mountains” You can read Part 1 HERE. And Part II HERE.

Education is a personal, family, local community or market molehill. But when you hear the discussions from most politicians, regulators or companies who benefit from national regulations, you would think we have a NATIONAL MOUNTAIN to “take on” in order to provide good education. I will simply mention that federal funding and directing or engaging in education in any way is unconstitutional. I am going to proceed with the understanding that most who read this blog will understand the limitations the US Constitution places on the federal government.

So, more on why we don’t need a federal education system.

How can I say education is a local (or even a personal) molehill? Well, only individuals are “educateable”.

Read more here:

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